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Throughfeed centerless grinding

Our recommendation for centreless grinding wheels is usually a combined or “sandwich” wheel, where the entry is roughing (with great cutting capacity) and an exit that generates the required surface finish.

The combinations can vary from units of ceramic and/or resinoid and/or rubber wheels. A perfect balance between the different agglomerates and sizes of grain guarantee these results, providing a self-sharpening grinding wheel, which does not clog up and that generates a cold and clean cut, at the same time as a suitable surface finish.

In specific Schumag or Langraf type machinery, a specific mixture is incorporated that optimizes the auto-sharpening/performance and enables the achievement of calibrated bars with tolerances h6-h7.

Diameter (mm) 500 - 760 mm. 20 - 30 inch.
Thickness - a piece 25 - 350 mm. 1 -14 inch.
Thickness - several pieces 250 - 800 mm. 10 - 32 inch.
Size of grain 36 - 320
Recommended speed 35 - 50 m/s
Maximum speed 63 m/s