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Cylindrical grinding for part held between centers

Our recommendation for cylindrical grinding is usually a ceramic wheel with a mixture of abrasives with great starting power.

The Manhattan group has created over its many years of experience in the application of plonge, traverse and angular, a series of optimized combinations for each type of piece and material capable of cold and clean cut, at the same time as a suitable surface finish to avoid or minimize the helix.

Machining in the preform work wheel is optional, minimizing the changeover time and consumption of the diamond dresser.

Diameter (mm) 500 - 760 mm. 20 - 30 inch.
Thickness - 1 piece 25 - 350 mm. 1 - 14 inch.
Size of grain 46 - 320
Recommended speed 35 - 50 m/s
Maximum speed 63 m/s